Canadian Auto Workers - Local 444
The CAW, is a major industrial and transportation union. The CAW is committed to helping develop transportation policies that are environmentally sound. Local union environmental committees and health and safety representatives are the CAW emissaries to the green community, province and country. We must work together at each stage on the four R's of the future: Reduce, Reuse, Recover, Recycle.
The Canadian Consulate General, Detroit Office
Of the more than $1 billion a day of two-way trade between the United States and Canada, over 40% of this trade crosses the border in the Windsor/Detroit region. Canada's relationship with the United States is unique in its breadth and complexity. The volume of our commerce, the strength of our defense commit-ments, the density of our institutional linkages and our mutual regard for human values have led naturally to a friendly yet robust and dynamic relationship which is the envy of the world.
The Canadian Salt Company Limited
The Canadian Salt Company Limited has produced salt in Windsor since 1893. Its mandate is to provide leadership in the salt industry through people committed to excellence in meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations.
Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario
The CEA is an educational environmental organization with supporters in South-western Ontario and Southeastern Michigan. CEA's mandate is to educate the public about environmental problems and solutions in the Great Lakes region of South-western Ontario.
The Corporation of the City of Windsor
Windsor is a vibrant and cosmopolitan community at the hub of North America. Windsor and environs combine a wealth of natural and created attractions with ease of access and excellence of facilities. The Mission of The City of Windsor, with the involvement of its citizens, is to deliver effective and responsive municipal services, and to mobilize innovative community partnerships.
Dean Construction Company Limited
Dean Construction Co. Ltd., established in 1926, is one of the foremost deep foundation and marine construction companies in the Great Lakes region. Heightened international concern over the poor quality of our Great Lakes has focused attention on the need to reduce pollution, contain or remove contaminated sediment and remediate our environment. Dean Construction has helped to pro-tect and restore environmentally sensitive wetlands, fish habitats and recreational areas through the construction of sediment traps, fish ladders, artificial reefs, spawning areas, and beach sills.
Detroit Edison, A DTE Energy Company
DTE Energy Company provides energy and services to customers in North America. Its major subsidiary Detroit Edison turns energy into solutions for its 2 million electricity customers in 7,600 square miles of Southeastern Michigan. DTE Energy is involved in alternative energy development through solar and landfill gas recovery facilities.
Environment Canada - Environmental Protection Service
Environment Canada is a science-based government department whose business is helping Canadians live and prosper in an environment that is properly protected and conserved. Its goal is to help make sustain-able development a reality in Canada and, by doing so, make Canada an example to the world.
Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research
The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor is dedicated to the restoration and pro-tection of the Great Lakes ecosystem. It is committed to excel-lence in the research it conducts, the education it promotes and the training it provides. With excellence as their goal, the faculty and students associated with the Institute serve the immediate needs of the environmental community and anticipate the needs of future generations in the Great Lakes basin.
International Joint Commission
The International Joint Commission is an independent international organization estab-lished under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. Its purpose is to help prevent disputes over use of waters shared by Canada and the United States and to provide advice on questions of mutual concern when requested by the two federal governments. The Great Lakes Regional Office in Windsor was established in 1972 to facilitate the implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.
La Fontaine, Cowie, Burratto & Associates Limited
La Fontaine, Cowie, Burratto & Associates Limited and its predecessor firms have practised engineering in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario for over 100 years. LCBA is committed to continuing the tradition of combining sound engineering experience with innovative technology to produce cost effective, environmentally responsible and functional designs.
Michigan Sea Grant
Michigan Sea Grant, a cooperative program of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, funds university research and conducts educational programs to help individuals, local com-munities, coastal businesses and state and local agencies develop Great Lakes resources and exercise good stewardship in their use.
Michigan State University
Michigan State University is committed to helping people improve their lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical needs, issues, and opportunities. The Fisheries & Wild-life Department provides the education, research and outreach needed by society for the conservation and rehabilitation of fisheries and wildlife resources.
The University of Windsor
The University of Windsor serves students and the com-munity by providing an atmosphere fostering creativity, discovery, applica-tion, critical thinking, service, and communication. The university supports excellence in research and creative activity, including in areas of importance to its geographic region. The university strives to support the local community through inter-action with business, labour, community groups and institutions, and to provide the international community with access to its educational resources.
Windsor and District Labour Council
The Windsor and District Labour Council represents more than 40,000 organized workers in the tricounty area including Windsor and Essex county. Standing committees of the Labour Council cover various social, political, health & safety, and environmental issues.
The Windsor Harbour Commission
The Windsor Harbour Commission is a Federal corporation estab-lished under the provisions of the Harbour Commissions Act, which is mandated to administer, develop and regulate the Port of Windsor.

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