The Conference on "Rehabilitating and Conserving Detroit River Habitats" was a major success, attracting over 170 participants. Presentations describing successful habitat rehabilitation and conservation were well received. This conference not only highlighted Detroit River success stories, but it also allowed stakeholders to learn what steps are necessary to move forward on habitat rehabilitation and conservation projects, and of the need to recruit "new champions" to this field.

Major findings of the conference included:

Again, participants recognized the urgent need for "champions" - credible individuals or groups willing to propose, publicize, and implement specific habitat projects and conservation efforts. In addition, a high profile must be sustained for Detroit River habitat rehabilitation and conservation, and other environmental issues.

The Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, it's partners and conference cosponsors all recognize the important role of transfer of scientific knowledge, and of the need to couple research with management and public issues. They pledge to convene similar conferences and public meetings in the future to promote and sustain open dialogue.

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